Grade A

Explanation - Attributes Covered

No issue: There are no checks specifically for Grade ‘A’ phones, in case there are no issues seen. the phone moves to Grade A

Grade B

Explanation - Attributes Covered

Scratches on Screen: All easily visible Scratches on the Screen are covered here

Scratches on Body: All easily visible Scratches on the Body are covered here

Dents on Body: All Easily visible Dents on the Body are covered here

Minor Spots: 2 or less then 2 minor spots on screen are covered here

If No Issue Related to Grade ‘C’, ‘D’ and ‘E’ are seen, the Phone goes for Grade ‘B’ Checks

Grade C

Explanation - Attributes Covered

Body Part Missing/Damage: Body Parts like SIM slot damaged, Audio Jack, Camera, Volume Buttons, Lock Button is/ are checked for Damage and Missing.

Major Spots: 3 or more then 3 major spots on Screen

Microphone/Speaker Faulty: Microphone and speaker are not working Properly. Qualty of Audio output is not to be checked here

Camera faulty: One camera is not working properly

One SIM Working: Only one SIM is working

Heavy Dents on Body: More then 4 visible dents on Body

Battery Issue: Battery is draining fast, bulge issue.

Charging Issue: Charging Port is not working,

Panel Broken: Any Visible crack or broken panel

Grade D

Explanation - Attributes Covered

Screen damage: Cracks on the Screen /Chipped screen

Lines/Dot/Patch: Visible issue in display

Touch Faulty: Touch is not working Properly

Wi-Fi Faulty: Wi-Fi Connectivity issues are overved in the Phone

Finger Sensor: Finger sensor not working

Face ID: Face ID not working

All Cameras are not Working: Both Front and back Cameras are not working

Phone Locked: Phone is Locked and is not Accessible to the user

Phone Restarting: Phone is continuously Restarting in a loop

Phone De-shaped: Body of the phone is dent and or Distorted

Grade E

Explanation - Attributes Covered

iCloud: iCloud Lock

Dead: Phone not switching on after 1 hour of Charging

SIM not working: Both SIM not working (No SIM Working)


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Start Bidding

Years of Pre-owned Smartphone Industry Experience.
Funding raised in the form of equity investment at a valuation of $30 Million.
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Buying used Smar tphones in Bulk lots gives you an Attract ive offer and consists of al l Leading Smar tphones brands.



We have a Pan India network of third parties who Buyback these devices directly from the customer and OEMs. Our sourcing is transparent and Safe.


Every device goes through the check of the industry-leading software Phonecheck. The devices go through all the authenticity checks mentioned.

Grading Explanation


How can I bid in this auction?
First, you have to go to the bidder registration page then verify your mobile number with top verification, then you need to fill in your company details and accept the terms and conditions. After you have completed the registration you can participate in the auction. The auction has a starting price and you can only bid above that and you can only bid the price more than the current price. You can bid as many times as you want till the auction is timed out. If you are the highest bidder at the end of the auction, you have won the auction and we will contact you.
What is an auction?
An auction is a process of buying and selling goods or services by offering them up for bid, taking bids, and then selling the item to the highest bidder.
Do i need to register myself to bid in the auction?
You can only bid, once you have registered yourself with us.
How can i know the lot composition and the prices?
You can download an excel sheet from the auction page and the complete details will be available in the sheet.
How can i check the quality of the devices?
You can download the qc report of all devices when you click on the button of ‘Download QC Report’.
How will the payment take place?
Note- The payment will not happen on the website. the payment will happen offline through bank transfer.
How can i login, i have already registered?
Go to the login page and type your user id and password which you submitted while registration.
How will the delivery of the lot take place?
Once you won the auction, we will contact you for the confirmation and the payment. Once we have received the payment we will dispatch the lot to your address with in two business days without any charge.